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Contents pages

We can provide you with the contents pages of those journals you would love to have, but can't afford to purchase. If none of the articles are of interest you have paid only a small amount and we can arrange delivery of any articles you really need.

Topic reviews

The library can arrange to regularly search the relevant databases and provide you with a list of relevant references on any topic you require from the enormous range of databases available to it. You can now set up your own Auto Alerts on Ovid. Our page on Auto Alert SDIs shows you how.


While visiting the library, those holding the appropriate membership may access the databases free of charge. Databases currently available include Medline, CINAHL, Embase, Healthstar, OSHROM, PsychInfo and AMED (Allied Health). Members should ask for the leaflet on the database in which they are interested.

Document delivery

Where members wish to have journal articles retrieved, photocopied and posted out to them, the fee will depend upon whether the item is available from Canterbury Medical Library's collections. If the library does not have the item sought by the member the library may be able to obtain it via the New Zealand Interloan scheme or obtain it from overseas.

Purchasing services

The library can purchase books and journals on behalf of university, and CDHB departments. We have agreements with New Zealand and overseas vendors with favourable pricing and delivery.

Research services

The library's Reference Team members are information specialists can provide advice on locating information for members' work or study needs. Free advice is available from the Canterbury Medical Library Reference Desk and the Princess Margaret Hospital Library. For details see our Clinical Information Support Service.

The library's experienced reference staff can also undertake research on behalf of members and evidence based medicine concepts can to be applied to your search topic if required. We undertake research at an hourly rate (state your time requirement) or we offer several standard package deals:

Basic Search

For this service we check the Voyager library catalogue and databases available within the library for information on the subject you nominate. You receive a list of relevant references and an outline of the sources checked. The items identified will not be supplied under this service. Members will need to forward requests for desired items separately.

Full Information Search & Delivery

We check Voyager and all relevant databases available to library staff within the library. You receive a list of references plus one or two of the most relevant books or journal articles cited in references retrieved. The number of items delivered will depend upon availability.

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