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Mauterangimarie Clark imageResearch Assistant

About Mau Te Rangimarie Clark

Mau Te Rangimarie Clark is a Research Assistant at the Māori/Indigenous Health Institute at the University of Otago, Christchurch.

Mau has a background in Anthropology and Māori Indigenous Studies, and is currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science.

Mau is currently engaged in several research projects, including Māori experiences of eating disorders and Māori experiences of bipolar disorder. These projects utilise Kaupapa Māori methodologies to validate the experience of the Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand, in order to identify the role and impact of systemic and organisational structures on Māori health.

Mau has a special interest in the emerging research field of Indigenous people's experience of eating disorders and the impact of ongoing colonisation on the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders.


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