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Joining the UOC Future Health Researcher programme allows you to gain research experience, work alongside some of UOC's world class researchers and explore your career options.

Students may arrange to be hosted by a specific Department, or can simply identify their areas of interest and be matched by the Programme Director.

Future Health Researcher programme completion requirements

During the Future Health Researcher programme, each student will complete:

  • A placement within a Department for either 8 weeks (32 hours per week) or 10 weeks (25 hours per week) duration.
  • Weekly attendance at the professional development seminars/workshops.
  • A two- page report outlining their competencies in the five learning outcomes of the programme through their placement.
  • A short video to align with the Sponsor's expectations in the promotion of health research and the UOC Future Health Researcher programme.
  • An agreement that the rights of the report and short video will belong to UOC and the respective sponsors who contribute to the programme.
  • Correspondence to thank the Sponsor.

Programme requirements for students

  • The student will be enrolled within a NZ University for the current year, and the following year.
  • Placement in the programme will provide settings to achieve competency in all five learning outcomes.
  • Any services provided are in relation to achieving educational outcomes and the completion of the project.
  • Any benefits resulting from the project for the University will be incidental.
  • Supervision by one or more research-active academic staff member(s) at UOC will be provided.
  • No employment relationship is created, or intended to be created as a result of the provision of the scholarship.
  • All projects undertaken during the fellowship will have previously confirmed ethical and regulatory approvals.
  • The scholarship will be the student's only academic obligation during the 10 weeks of its tenure.
  • In the event of non-completion of the fellowship programme or if there is failure to comply with any aspect of the guidelines, UOC reserves the right to revisit the amount of work completed and the proportion of payment that should be received by the student.
  • All students need to start the programme between 1-20 November, or at a time negotiated with the programme directors.
  • Students can only receive one scholarship support during this timeframe, although they may hold other employment (that does not overlap with the daily time allocation expectations of this scholarship).
  • Students may not concurrently enrolled in a Master's by thesis degree or PhD.
  • Payments will be made in line with the University of Otago's payment schedule for these scholarships.
  • The stipend will align with current University of Otago policy of being $6,000 for the 8- or 10-week programme.
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