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The Simulation Suite is realistically outfitted to resemble the Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department but can also be configured to resemble an ICU or an operating theatre, with capacity for 12 people.

Students practice their skills at the University of Otago Christchurch Simulation Centre - Photo courtesy of The Press

  • SimMan 3G PLUS Wireless Human Simulator (see capabilities here)
  • AV equipment including two Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, one room camera and audio-recording
  • Two desktop computers
  • Functional wall 'oxygen' (medical air)
  • Suction
  • Airway trolley
  • IV trolley and stand
  • Catheter trolley
  • ECG machine
  • Two phones, one with wireless handset
  • Emergency patient trolley (bed)
  • Hand basin
  • Lockable drug cabinet
  • Resuscitation trolley and working defibrillator

Control room

Christchurch Simulation Centre Control Room

The simulation environment consists of an adjacent control room with a one-way mirror for operating the AV equipment and controlling the simulators.

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