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Biotechnical Engineer


Michael joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) in 1994 and became an Avionics Technician. He held various positions until his final posting in the Simulator Bay supporting the Aermacchi flight simulator.

Michael left the RNZAF in 2001 and started work as an Electronics Technician in the Medical Physics & Bioengineering Department within the CDHB. This role involves designing and building medical and laboratory devices in an ISO9001 environment.

Michael took up a casual position at the Christchurch Simulation Centre in 2010 where his main role is supporting the patient simulators and B-Line Medical AV system.


Bergin, M., Sheedy, M., Ross, P., Wylie, G., & Bird, P. (2014). Measuring the forces of middle ear surgery: Evaluating a novel force-detection instrument. Otology & Neurotology, 35(2), e77-e83. doi: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000000173

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