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Owheo Building, Room 2.55
Tel +64 3 479 8538

I received my Bachelor's degree and Doctorate from Oxford University. After that I became a lecturer at the University of Cardiff before moving to Carleton University in Canada in 1982. I returned to the UK in 1992 to the University of St Andrews and in 2000 I moved to New Zealand, first to Auckland University and finally to the University of Otago.

My research interests are in the design and analysis of algorithms, algebra, combinatorics, and connections between these. I am also a member of the team that oversees the development of the GAP system for computation in algebra and discrete mathematics.

My area of investigation is the connections between sorting machines and permutation patterns.

For more information, see my research pages

Selected Publications

  • The p-modular descent algebras, Algebras and Representation Theory 5 (2002), 101-113 (with S. van Willigenburg, G. Pfeiffer).
  • Partially well-ordered closed sets of permutations, Journal of Order 19 (2002), 101-113 (with N. Ruskuc, M. Murphy).
  • Restricted permutations and the wreath product, Discrete Math. 259 (2002), 19-36 (with T. Stitt).
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