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Reuben Crimp headshot

Owheo Building, Room G.37A
Tel +64 3 479 8584

As a Teaching Fellow, the majority of my experience comes from the tech industry. I obtained a master's degree in information retrieval with the hope of pursuing a career at Google, but I have long since redirected my focus towards a role that actually makes a positive impact in the world.

My first job was interning at MixBit, founded by the creators of YouTube after they sold it to Google for $1.65 billion. Our vision was to compete with Instagram... 20 guesses who won! It was a valuable learning experience for me, as were my latter jobs: web dev, game dev, and most recently, at Iris Data Science, a company known for its pioneering work in facial recognition software for sheep.

As a Teaching Fellow, I am committed to imparting knowledge and sharing my experiences with students. My goal is to help inspire and equip the next generation of developers with the skills and tools they need to make a positive impact in the tech industry and society.

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