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Owheo Building, Room 245
Tel +64 3 479 8501

I received my BSc (Hons) and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Otago, and completed my studies 2000. After working for a short time in Christchurch as a software developer I took up a lectureship at The University of Nottingham. In 2006 I returned to New Zealand and worked in commercial research and development at the Geospatial Research Centre and then Areograph Ltd before returning to the Computer Science Department as a lecturer in 2011.

My research interests are in computer vision, and particularly in the reconstruction of 3D scenes from multiple views. While there are a number of outstanding issues, recent advances mean that a wide range of scenes can be reconstructed from images alone. Applications of this technology include terrain modelling from aerial imagery, construction of architectural models, and generation of realistic environments for games and entertainment. I am also interested in related fields such as motion analysis, stereo vision, and image based rendering, as well as applications of computer vision and image processing to the analysis of scientific imagery.

For more information, please see my research pages


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