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Culture, control and performance

Shared values, norms, symbols and rituals influence individuals and groups. The different forms of social control that can develop between employees, customers and organizational members have an important effect on performance.

At the Centre, we study how culture influences the choice of organizational performance measurement and management systems an organization operates.

Select COPMM publications:

Adler, R., Alaudin, A., & Theivananthampillai, P. (2010). Levers of control, fairness and trust with employees and customers in an Islamic bank. Proceedings of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) Conference. Retrieved from

Sunaryo, L., Theivananthampillai, P., Everett, A. M., & Cone, M. H. (2008). Chinese social institutions imitating nature? Strategic action in pursuit of self-actualisation. Proceedings of the European Group for Organizational Studies Summer Workshop. EGOS. Retrieved from

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