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Measuring and Managing Performance of Organisational Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Systems

Information Technology and Systems (ITS) are costly and time consuming, involving humans, infrastructure, software and hardware. Utilising the business value of ITS requires fresh ways of thinking, managing and measuring these resources.

At the Centre, we study the effect of organizational strategy, including the use of customer versus product orientation, on the configuration of an organization's ITS.

Select COPMM publications:

Polson, H., & Theivananthampillai, P. S. (2009). Customer orientation in E-government: The managers' perspectives [Working Paper Series: No. 14]. Dunedin, New Zealand: Accountancy and Business Law Department, University of Otago. (pp. 1-17).
Cua, F. C., & Theivananthampillai, P. (2009). Mapping processes toward strategic leverage [Working Paper Series: No. 19]. Dunedin, New Zealand: Accountancy & Business Law Department, University of Otago. (pp. 1-9).

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