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Operational Performance

Operational Performance has a major influence on the core activity of any business or organisation. Essentially it is the measurement and management of key resources within the organisation that are required to deliver products or services to client and customers.

At the Centre, we study how operational performance measurement fulfils the link between the long-term strategic decisions of the organisation and the short-term operational decisions required on a daily basis. Our research often emphasises the effective use of capacity, such as people or processes, and examines the types of settings and conditions that are best suited to financial, non-financial, or a mix of financial and non-financial measures.

Select COPMM publications:

Islam, S., Adler, R, and Northcott, D. (2017) “Managerial Attitudes towards the Incompleteness of Performance Measurement Systems,” Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management.

Adler, R.W., Stringer, C. and Yap, M. (2016) “The valuation and pricing of information assets,” Pacific Accounting Review.

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