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    Introduction to disciplined inquiry into personal teaching practice utilising a range of research methodologies. Students plan a disciplined, investigative inquiry into their teaching practices.

    This paper addresses key issues, such as "Who is educational research for?" and "Who can conduct educational research?" In this paper, students will explore practitioner research from ethical, practical, theoretical and methodological perspectives as they critically reflect on their professional practice.

    About this paper

    Paper title Researching Personal Teaching Practice
    Subject Education
    EFTS 0.1667
    Points 20 points
    Teaching period Not offered in 2023 (Distance learning)
    Domestic Tuition Fees ( NZD ) $1,206.91
    International Tuition Fees Tuition Fees for international students are elsewhere on this website.
    Pre or Corequisite
    One of EDUC 423, EDUC 440, EDUX 440 or EDUX 423
    EDUX 441
    Students who have not passed the normal prerequisite may be admitted with approval from the Dean of the College of Education.
    Teaching staff

    To be confirmed when next offered.

    Paper Structure
    This education paper is centred around a number of conferences, or multi-week sections, focused on a particular topic. Typically conferences run for two weeks and have readings and a discussion associated with them. Also there is often time scheduled for familiarising yourself with the learning environments, working on assignments (which are usually related to the conferences) and for reflection. Information about what you should be doing, reading and thinking about in any week is given in the online environments.
    Teaching Arrangements
    This is a distance learning paper.
    Students will be expected to access required readings via the library and the Internet and to source their own relevant readings.
    Graduate Attributes Emphasised
    Lifelong learning, Scholarship, Communication, Critical thinking, Cultural understanding, Ethics, Information literacy, Research, Self-motivation, Teamwork.
    View more information about Otago's graduate attributes.
    Learning Outcomes
    Students who successfully complete the paper will
    1. Have engaged with a variety of theoretical tools and paradigms in relation to teaching practice
    2. Be able to distinguish between different research methodologies appropriate to the investigation of classroom practice and to locate themselves as teacher researchers within these
    3. Have examined ways in which theory informs practice and practice informs theory
    4. Be able to articulate the personal theories, beliefs and thinking that guide their teaching practices and engage in critical discourse on one's own practices and the practices of others to increase understanding of the social contexts of learning to teach
    5. Have developed and refined their capacity to reflect critically upon themselves as teachers within the context of contemporary research literature and practice
    6. Be able to identify and reflect upon ethical issues in practitioner research
    7. Be able to design disciplined, investigative inquiry into their own practice that can contribute to their understandings of self as teacher


    Not offered in 2023

    Teaching method
    This paper is taught through Distance Learning
    Learning management system
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