Application of fundamental land development techniques. Digital data acquisition and processing for road design and associated engineering calculations. Plan production using road design software packages.

    SURV 297 is a compulsory paper for the BSc in Land Planning and Development. This paper is a 1-week intensive field camp that applies the concepts and theories relating to road design that are introduced to students during their 200-level papers and allows them to experience a real-world example of computer design using industry standard software.

    About this paper

    Paper title Land Development Field Course
    Subject Surveying
    EFTS 0
    Points 0 points
    Teaching period 1st Non standard period (16 October 2023 - 22 October 2023) (On campus)
    Domestic Tuition Fees ( NZD ) $.00
    International Tuition Fees Tuition Fees for international students are elsewhere on this website.
    SURV 203 and SURV 204

    Only students enrolled in a BSc Land Planning and Development are eligible for this paper.



    Teaching staff

    Course Co-ordinator and Lecturer: Fraser Jopson
    Lecturer and Computer Supervisor: Mr Kelly Gragg
    Lecturer: Dr Greg Leonard
    Demonstrators: Senior surveying students

    Paper Structure
    The field camp covers two main areas of road design. They are:
    • Completing calculations relating to roading and culvert design
    • Undertaking roading and earthworks design using an industry-standard computer program and producing plans suitable for actual use
    Teaching Arrangements

    SURV 297 is completed as a 1-week field camp. All lectures, instruction on the use of the computer program, design work, calculations and the production of plans and report are completed during the five-day period over which the camp runs.

    No textbooks are required for this paper.
    Graduate Attributes Emphasised
    Interdisciplinary perspective, Lifelong learning, Communication, Critical thinking, Environmental literacy, Information literacy, Research, Self-motivation, Teamwork.
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    Learning Outcomes

    Students who successfully complete the paper should

    • Have been introduced to an industry-standard software package that will produce acceptable roading plans
    • Have designed and checked a road using the software package to which they have been introduced
    • Have completed all of the calculation and checks required to confirm that the software package has produced correct road plans
    • Have produced a complete set of roading plans (i.e. a plan, a longsection, and two cross-sections plan to the required specifications)
    • Have demonstarted their proficiency in using suitable survey software and technologies to complete all of the required tasks


    1st Non standard period (16 October 2023 - 22 October 2023)

    Teaching method
    This paper is taught On Campus
    Learning management system

    Block Teaching

    Stream Days Times Weeks
    A1 Monday 08:00-22:50 42
    Tuesday 08:00-22:50 42
    Wednesday 08:00-22:50 42
    Thursday 08:00-22:50 42
    Friday 08:00-22:50 42
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