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Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (PGDipCDTech)

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The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (PGDipCDTech) is a one year full-time course involving formal education, teaching and clinical practice held at the Faculty of Dentistry in Dunedin.

The programme, which includes three papers (DTEC 401 Complete Denture Prosthodontics, DTEC 402 Partial Denture Prosthodontics, and DTEC 403 Dental Health), is for dental technicians who wish to obtain training in Clinical Dental Technology and is designed to enable graduates to practise clinical procedures safely and restore the dentition using either complete or removable dentures.

There is also the option to study this programme part-time over two academic years. The part-time programme attendance model requires a minimum of 2 days per week attendance on campus at the Faculty of Dentistry in Dunedin. In addition, there is an initial orientation week and attendance is required for end of year examination/s at the University of Otago (Dunedin).


Postgraduate Admission
Faculty of Dentistry
University of Otago
PO BOX 56,
New Zealand
Tel +64 3 479 8889


Please be advised that applications for the PGDipCDTech open on 1 April and close on 31 May of the year prior to study. When applications open, a link to apply will appear on this page.

Regulations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (PGDipCDTech)

  1. Admission to the Programme

    1. Admission to the programme shall be subject to the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences).
    2. Every applicant shall present evidence of ability for advanced level academic study and        
      1. have been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Dental Technology, or
      2. have alternative qualifications and experience acceptable to the Dean of Dentistry (in considering an applicant's qualifications, regard will be given to the details of the course of study followed, as well as the applicant's performance).
    3. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their previous academic record (normally with a grade average of a B-/4.0 GPA or greater), academic achievements, reports from three referees and postgraduate English requirements (where applicable ).
    4. Admission to the programme is limited to a number of candidates determined by the Council annually on the basis of available resources.
  2. Structure of the Programme

    1. The programme of study shall comprise the following papers:        
      • DTEC 401 Denture Prosthodontics 1 (45 points)
      • DTEC 402 Denture Prosthodontics 2 (45 points)
      • DTEC 403 Dental Health (30 points)

  3. Duration of the Programme

    1. The duration of the programme shall normally be one academic year of full-time study.
    2. The programme may be undertaken on a part-time basis.  Part time study must normally be completed within three years.

  4. Examinations

    1. A candidate must pass formal examinations in all the papers for the diploma.
    2. A candidate who fails an examination may, on the recommendation of the examiners, be permitted by the Faculty to be re-examined at another time.

  5. Level of Award of the Diploma

    The diploma may be awarded with distinction or with credit.

  6. Variations

    On the recommendation of the Faculty, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences) may, in exceptional circumstances, approve a course of study which does not comply with these regulations.

    Note: The due date for applications for enrolment in the programme is 31 May in the year preceding that in which the programme is to be undertaken.

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2024 Calendar and supplementary material.

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