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Study Business Law at Otago

    Business Law at Otago


    Law is a crucial ingredient in all business dealings. A business education is certainly incomplete if it fails to include one or   more courses which develop legal knowledge and skills along with a practical appreciation of the fact that all commercial relationships and transactions have legal consequences. One or more papers in the Business Law area are therefore highly recommended to those completing a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), whatever their major subject. Some occupations require more - for example, those who plan to become chartered accountants are required to complete three papers of Business Law.

    Law also affects ordinary people's lives in important and numerous   ways and for students from other faculties, gaining some knowledge   of law generally is very worthwhile. Business Law papers are open to   students from other faculties and - within the cross credit regulations   - can be counted towards other degrees.

    Law itself is a vast field, but the various papers have been designed with reality firmly in mind and concentrate on developing a sensible number of important legal skills. Broadly, these include identifying potential and actual legal problems in personal and business situations, knowing your own limits in dealing with these and being able to use professional legal advisors effectively. The themes of particular papers include the central role played by contract law, the variety of business vehicles and their legal foundations, consumer/trader tensions  in the market, and the practical importance of the courts and government  in developing the law which regulates the business environment.

    Also see the subject entry for Accounting.


    See the full list of Business Law (BLAW) papers.


    BLAW papers

    Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
    BLAW211 2024 Business Law Relating to Entities 18 Semester 1
    BLAW212 2024 Business Law Relating to Obligations 18 Semester 2

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