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Study Earth and Ocean Science at Otago

    Earth and Ocean Science at Otago


    EAOS 111 Earth and Ocean Science, looks at the evolution of continents and oceans; sea-floor spreading, mountain ranges, plate tectonics; oceanic circulation and global cycles; erosion, landslides and sedimentation on land and sea; marine biological  systems, evolution of life through the ages; oceans and climate;  the Solar System.

    EAOS 111 is a required paper for students majoring in Geology and is recommended for students wishing to enter Marine  Science Studies at a later stage.


    EAOS papers

    Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
    EAOS111 2024 Earth and Ocean Science 18 Semester 1
    EAOS121 2024 Special Topic 18 Not offered in 2024

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