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Louis' Legacy

Tuesday 28 November 2017 12:29pm

"He believed in science"

A donation was made to CTCR in memory of Louis Fouchault, from his friends, family and colleagues. The gift was delivered in person by Louis’ fiance Julie Vandingenen who recently came to visit Dunedin.  Louis_fouchault_186x271

Parry Guilford was in contact with Julie in the final weeks of Louis’ treatment for diffuse gastric cancer. Louis and Julie decided that all funds raised would be used to improve the treatment available to people affected by Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer.

The $34,000 donation will be used by the Cancer Genetics’ Laboratory to test over 300 new drugs that target potential vulnerabilities in diffuse gastric cancer cells.

The importance of support

Julie’s blog entry on the crowd-funding page set up in Louis’ memory sums up the importance of such donations to our research.


“I spoke with the director, Parry Guilford, for many hours, and was surrounded by much knowledge and love.

There are no words to describe how incredibly hard it was to talk with them about Louis, other affected families, and even potential future solutions which will always be too late for my better half.
However, there are also few words to describe how proud I felt. Proud that your amazing dedication to making the world better will help accelerate research. Proud that this project might save other loved ones one day. Proud that research is being done on Louis' behalf. Proud that Louis' beautifully happy picture will be next to the one of the first family ever discovered with this gene, until a cure is found. Proud that the crowdfunding may inspire other people to do the same when they're faced with such injustice. But most of all, proud of Louis. Proud of the love, strength, and passion he's given me.”

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