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Chris commenced his master's research in August 2013. He is working in the Cancer Genetics Laboratory.

Detecting prostate cancer

Chris is exploring techniques to detect and analyse the genetic expression of single prostate cancer cells in urine. The goal being to improve diagnostic and prognostic tests for prostate cancer. This work remains urgent because prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in New Zealand.

Goal to study cancer genetics

Chris had wanted to study cancer genetics for a long time. He came to the Cancer Genetics Lab through his 400 level supervisor Associate Professor Mik Black.

Chris is motivated by the impact of understanding the genetic basis of cancer. This work can result in radically improved treatments.

"This is an exciting area of research because of its potential benefits to patients."

Working in this environment has led him to seriously consider further study in this important area.

Botany to biology

Chris grew up mostly in Dunedin. He became interested in the natural world through his family's garden in the backyard. He enjoyed studying biology and ancient history at school and credits his secondary school biology teacher as an influence on his career. Chris did his undergraduate study at the University of Otago.

When he's not in the lab he likes fishing off the Otago coast.

Chris Harris photo
Chris in the lab.

Awards and achievements

Congratulations to Chris for winning the 2014 Student Science Writing Prize for his entry Unlocking Prostate Cancer.

The prize is awarded annually by the Otago Medical School Research Society. His winning entry was published in the Otago Daily Times

ODT - Unlocking Prostate Cancer

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