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Wednesday 19 March 2014 10:50am

Dr Mike Rayner, University of Oxford.

Dr Mike Rayner is Director of the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, which is based within the Nuffield Department of Population Health of the University of Oxford, and which he founded in 1993.

The Group carries out research in two areas:

  • The burden of cardiovascular disease
  • Population based-approaches to the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Mike's particular research interests are in food labelling, food marketing, food taxes and the relationship between a healthy diet and a sustainable diet.

Lecture 26 February 2014, Otago Museum

In this lecture he described the elements of food labelling most relevant to health, looked at how foods are currently labelled around the world, and discussed the impact of different food labelling methods on public health. He also described how we could set better national and international standards.

Lecture resources

Radio interview with Mike Rayner

Listen to Mike being interviewed by Marvin Hubbard on Otago Access Radio:

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