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Am I doing the things that can help me to be effective in my distance studies?

Respond yes / no to these statements to see how you are managing:

  • I check my student email regularly, or have forwarded my student email (in eVision) to an email address I do check regularly
  • I have found and checked that my postal details are correct in eVision
  • I have read all the course outlines / overviews and have some idea what is expected of me in the paper(s) I am enrolled in
  • I know who the course coordinator / administrator is for my paper(s) (in case I need to get information or help)
  • I have contact details of people to get help from in my paper(s), e.g. tutors
  • I know which textbooks / readings I need, and have them or know how to access them through eReserve.
  • I know how to use my online learning system, e.g. Blackboard, Moodle or Oceanbrowser:    
    • I have logged in
    • I regularly check for course announcements
    • I have checked out the useful resources pages and links
  • I am attending all audio or Zoom conferences for my papers
  • I am prepared for the online discussions and I'm reading the required material before or early in the online discussion activity
  • I am actively participating in the online discussions
  • I summarise video or audio conferences and / or online classes within two days of the session
  • I have done most of the required / recommended readings for my paper(s)
  • I am actively involved in learning by making notes and mentally processing information
  • I organise and file my notes regularly
  • I know when my assignments are due
  • I know what Student Learning Development (SLD) offers and how to contact them
  • I know about Library services for Distance students and how to use them
  • I know about other opportunities for learning (e.g. online resources, etc.)
  • I have already started/or plan to contact other students in my paper to work together with them on certain study tasks
  • I spend an appropriate amount of time studying, including reading, research, online discussions, and assignments. (e.g., 15 hours per week for an 18 point single semester paper, or 25 hours per week for a 30 point full-year paper)

How many “yes” answers did you get, and what does it mean?

16 - 20 Safe zone

I am on track to have a successful semester. I can try to turn all “no” answers into “yes” answers. Why stop now?

10 - 16 Needs attention

There is room for improvement with my academic habits. I can turn more “no” answers into “yes” answers. Why not start today?

0 – 10Needs urgent attention

I need to consider some changes in the way I approach my studies. Which “no” answers can I turn into “yes” answers today?

What next?

I can tell myself that:

  • It is not too late to turn “no” answers into “yes” answers
  • I can optimise my study habits
  • I can ask questions

What else can I do?

Perhaps I could consider approaching:

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