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Online learning environments provide access to course materials, discussion forums, workshops, quizzes, blogs and wikis and online assessment via the internet. Other features include the ability to upload assignments, engage in real-time chat and link directly from course material to other web-based information.


Blackboard is the University's most commonly used online learning environment. Access is usually available from the first day of the Semester, once the enrolment process is complete and fees paid.


Blackboard help

Blackboard login screen

Other online learning environments

Some courses at the University of Otago use other online learning environments, either in addition to or instead of Blackboard. The two most common are Moodle and Oceanbrowser.

Your Department will provide more detailed information about how you will access course material and engage with teaching staff and fellow students online.

Oceanbrowser is used primarily in the Health Sciences. It also includes additional features such as support for “voice over the internet” or VoIP audioconferencing.

Course written and audiovisual materials are sometimes provided on DVD.

The Health Sciences and the College of Education uses Moodle to teach its distance programmes. Zoom is also a popular collaborative tool at the University.

Health Sciences Moodle

Getting started with Zoom

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