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For current students, Moodle provides access to communication tools, course materials, discussion forums, online assessment, and other features to help manage study.

Which Moodle should I use?

  • Health Sciences Moodle (HSMoodle) is for:
    • General Practice and Rural Health (GENA)
    • Occupational and Aviation Medicine (AVME)
    • Postgraduate Nursing (NURS)
    • Psychological Medicine (NURS and PSME)
    • Public Health (PUBH)
    • Radiation Therapy (RADT)
    • Rehabilitation (RTRU)
    • Sports Medicine (SPME)
    • Other programmes: Check with your course administrator if you're not sure your course is on HSMoodle
  • MedMoodle is for:
    • ELM medical students
    • ALM medical students (all campuses)
  • Anatomy Student is for students in the Department of Anatomy

Moodle support

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