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Contact Details

Associate Professor
Department of General Practice and Rural Health (Dunedin)
Research summary
Rural and remote health
  • Convenor of the Rural Postgraduate programme
  • Supervision of higher-degree students
  • Rural hospital / GP registrars (RNZCGP)
  • 5th year rural-regional programme (University of Auckland)
  • Hauora Taiwhenua Rural Health Network
  • Director, Rural Health Research Network (University Otago)
  • Associate Editor Rural Remote Health Journal

Kati is based in Hokianga in New Zealand's far north for both her clinical and academic roles. She works as a rural doctor at Hauora Hokianga, Rawene Hospital. Her clinical work crosses the scopes of General Practice and Rural Hospital Medicine involving both clinic and hospital based care.

She also works with the Cook Islands Ministry of Health.


Areas of interest include:

  • Improving quality of health services and access to services for rural remote communities
  • Continuing education, and vocational training for rural remote-based health professionals
  • Improving academic support for postgraduate students and faculty based at a geographical distance from the main campus
  • Qualitative research

Additional details

Kati also has a role as Pacific Nation Liaison with Va’a o Tautai - Centre for Pacific Health
Va'a o Tautai - Centre for Pacific Health

She works with the Cook Islands and Niue Ministries of Health building capacity and workforce in the Pacific region with a focus on primary health care.


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