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Inflammation plays a role in most disease settings with obvious contributions to autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, as well as increasingly recognised pathogenic roles in the outcomes of cancer.

Research in the Leukocyte and Inflammation Laboratory focuses on inflammatory cells and their contribution, via innate or acquired immune mechanisms, towards inflammation. A particular interest is in monocyte / macrophage cell types. Recent attention has been on gene expression in rheumatoid arthritis, how this reflects the type and extent of inflammation, and might predict outcomes of biologic therapy.  Current work also includes the links between p53 isoforms and inflammation in autoimmune disease and cancer, and extends further to an investigation of the anti-inflammatory effects of New Zealand marine shellfish and algal products.

We welcome collaborations with interested groups as well as enquiries from prospective postgraduate students wishing to study as part of our team.

Staff in the Leukocyte and Inflammation Research Laboratory

Melanie MillierAssistant Research Fellow

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