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The Rheumatology Research Unit has a long history and the University was the first to establish a dedicated research programme to study rheumatic disease in New Zealand.

The Rheumatology Research Unit has an active research agenda covering the following major themes:

  • Spondyloarthritis
  • Scleroderma
  • Fatigue and rheumatic disease
  • Genetics of rheumatic diseases
  • The impact of rheumatic disease on quality of life
  • The evaluation of complimentary therapies for rheumatic disease

The SAGE Study, a major multi-centre study investigating genetic and environmental factors in the aetiology of spondyloarthritis is coordinated through the Unit.

The Unit has received funding from the HRC for smoking cessation interventions in rheumatoid arthritis.

The Unit supervises a number of postgraduate students.


The Rheumatology Research Unit has a collaborative approach to research with ongoing research associations in New Zealand and overseas, including:

Staff at the Rheumatology Research Unit

Academic staff

Clinical staff

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