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Contact Details

+64 3 470 3472
Teaching Fellow
Department of Pathology (Dunedin)
Research summary
Cancer cell biology


My research focus is cancer cell biology. My research has involved projects with the Cell Transformation Group (CTG), Primary Cilia Research Group, Developmental Genetics Group and the Pathogenesis Group within the Dunedin School of Medicine.


Wiles, A. K., Mehta, S., Millier, M., Woolley, A. G., Li, K., Parker, K., Kazantseva, M., Wilson, M., Young, K., Bowie, S., Ray, S., Slatter, T. L., Stamp, L. K., Hessian, P. A., & Braithwaite, A. W. (2023). Activated CD90/Thy-1 fibroblasts co-express the Δ133p53β isoform and are associated with highly inflamed rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis Research & Therapy, 25, 62. doi: 10.1186/s13075-023-03040-8 Journal - Research Article

Li, K., Wilson, M., Parker, K., Wiles, A., Schultz, M., Slatter, T., Baird, M., & Braithwaite, A. (2019). An Δ133p53-like isoform drives exaggerated immune responses to promote chronic inflammation. European Journal of Immunology, 49(Suppl. 3), (pp. 782). doi: 10.1002/eji.201970400 Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Kazantseva, M., Mehta, S., Eiholzer, R. A., Gimenez, G., Bowie, S., Campbell, H., Reily-Bell, A. L., … Ray, S., Drummond, C. J., Reid, G., … Wiles, A., Morrin, H. R., Reader, K. L., Hung, N. A., Baird, M. A., Slatter, T. L., & Braithwaite, A. W. (2019). The Δ133p53β isoform promotes an immunosuppressive environment leading to aggressive prostate cancer. Cell Death & Disease, 10, 631. doi: 10.1038/s41419-019-1861-1 Journal - Research Article

Kazantseva, M., Mehta, S., Eiholzer, R. A., Hung, N., Wiles, A., Slatter, T. L., & Braithwaite, A. W. (2018). A mouse model of the Δ133p53 isoform: Roles in cancer progression and inflammation. Mammalian Genome, 29, 831-842. doi: 10.1007/s00335-018-9758-3 Journal - Research Article

Campbell, H., Fleming, N., Roth, I., Mehta, S., Wiles, A., Williams, G., … Munro, F., McNoe, L., Black, M., McCall, J., Slatter, T. L., … Braithwaite, A. W. (2018). Δ133p53 isoform promotes tumour invasion and metastasis via interleukin-6 activation of JAK-STAT and RhoA-ROCK signalling. Nature Communications, 9(1), 254. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02408-0 Journal - Research Article

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