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The Braithwaite laboratory studies the basic processes of cancer formation, with the main focus on a protein called p53 that prevents tumours forming and some variants (mutants and isoforms) that promote cancer.

The laboratory also studies the biological functions of a pro-cancer protein called YB-1 that binds and blocks p53 activity, and which the team believe can be targeted as a new cancer therapy.

The team uses cell culture models for many experiments but has a strong programme of research utilising transgenic mice expressing specific p53 variants; also analysing human tumour data sets bioinformatically to understand the contribution of p53 variants to human cancer progression.

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Key people

Professor Antony Braithwaite (Principal Investigator)

Professor Margaret Baird (Principal Investigator)

Dr Nicholas Fleming (Research fellow)

Dr Marina Karantseva (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Adele Woolley (Senior lecturer)

Katherine Young (Assistant Research Fellow)

Michele Wilson (Assistant Research Fellow)

Imogen Roth (PhD Candidate)

Mike Algie (PhD Candidate)

Liam Roth (Masters)


Professor Cristin Print

Dr Sunali Y Mehta Mehta

Dr Hamish Campbell

Dr Paul Hessian

Professor Lisa Stamp

Dr Annette Lasham

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