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Professional Practice Fellow
Department of Women's and Children's Health (Dunedin)
Professional Practice Fellow supporting teaching, assessment and curriculum development in the distance-taught PGDipOMG and PGCertWHlth programmes


Shephard, K., & Blanch, K. (2022). I did it my way: Academic-decision-making explored through a Bourdieusian social-theory lens. In E. Heinrich, A. Jolley & L. Rowan (Eds.), Proceedings of the Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand (TERNZ) Conference. (pp. 64-65). HERDSA Aotearoa/New Zealand. [Abstract] Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Blanch, K. F. (2020). Young people (re)conceptualising digital citizenship: Constructing ways of being and doing citizen(ship) 'online' (PhD). University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Retrieved from Awarded Doctoral Degree

Smith, L., Jack, H., Antoun, J., Fowler, P., Blanch, K., & Foster Page, L. (2019). The impact of treatment cost on low SES families: An orthodontic viewpoint. Australasian Orthodontic Journal, 35(1), 13-20. Journal - Research Article

Blanch, K., Antoun, J., Smith, L., Jack, H., Fowler, P., & Foster Page, L. (2019). Considering malocclusion as a disability. Australasian Orthodontic Journal, 35(1), 27-34. Journal - Research Article

Smith, L. A., Jack, H., Fowler, P., Antoun, J., Blanch, K., & Foster Page, L. (2019). Some orthodontists' experiences of volunteering for a community orthodontic initiative. American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, 155(4), 552-559. doi: 10.1016/j.ajodo.2018.05.017 Journal - Research Article

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