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The Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects (PGDipArts) in Education requires two semesters of full-time, or its equivalent in part-time, study, comprising 120 points. It entails a structured programme of postgraduate coursework, including a research methods paper (20 points) and a piece of supervised research that counts 40 points.

Admission to the PGDipArts in Education normally requires at least an average grade of B+ or better in 300-level Education papers. Admission is open to students who have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA) or who have alternative qualifications acceptable to the College and the Division of Humanities.

Further information and application

Read more about the Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects and the postgraduate admission process. To apply, please use the yellow "apply now" button.


If you would like to talk to someone about the PGDipArts (Education), please contact

Programme requirements

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects (PGDipArts) in Education

The Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects (PGDipArts) programme in Education is the same as the programme for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons)).

The Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects (PGDipArts) in Education is also available through Distance Learning.

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