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Home Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand

A catalyst for this study comes from a lack of relevant literature, which indicates a need for further research into a variety of areas regarding home education in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Further motivation comes from a desire to expand readers' understandings of what home education looks like in New Zealand, as well as to explore what it looks like to those involved. The voices of children and young people who are experiencing home education first-hand are especially pertinent, as their voices are distinctly lacking in available research. The home 'education process' is also an area of interest as it incorporates a variety of discourses regarding pedagogy, learning, schooling, and age; as well as notions of achievement and knowledge.


Young Activists Research Project

What inspires young people (aged 18–29+) to join others to create social change?

Amee is a Research Assistant with this project.

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The College of Education offers two doctoral programmes - the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Education. A number of PhD and EdD theses are available in full text.

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