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What's it like for you? Young people's perspectives of residential home and school care.


A range of adverse circumstances can affect the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people. In New Zealand, a number of social agencies, charities, government and non-government organisations provide support for the young and their families experiencing adverse circumstances. Some young people considered particularly vulnerable live in care and protection residences run by Oranga Tamariki and attend school there.

Understanding young people's experiences is pivotal if settings are to effectively respond to young people's complex needs. Yet, young people's views are often missing from or may not have bearing on the development of support programmes. Recognising the complexity of these experiences, and the dangers of not listening to children and young people's perspectives, this qualitative study will involve semi-structured interviews with young people and their experiences of residential care and school. In particular, the interviews will focus on identifying what enhances young people's experiences as well as what make their lives challenging in order to better inform programmes and supports provided for their care and education.


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