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University For Your Life (Uni4U)

Better than a talking hat for getting things sorted.

You are spending thousands of hours, thousands of dollars and three years of your life (at least) at university.

Are you getting the most out of it?

Do you have a clear purpose for time at uni?

Are you leading “an examined life” or just getting through the next assessment?

Uni4U is a single 3-hour, relaxed, non-judgmental session that focuses upon helping you discover what YOU want out of university. We’ll talk about what a good life is, how university fits into this and what you can do to get as much value out of your time here as you can. Are you here to prep for a job? To train your mind? To get a qualification on your CV? What’s it all about?

Join pause, think and act. To reflect on what it means to live a good life. To contemplate what it means to have a good job. To discover your own strengths. To decide how you'll spend your time at university and beyond.


Uni4U is a workshop that meets just the one time.  No need to squeeze multiple sessions into your schedule.  If you are interested, register by putting your name and email into the worksheet at the Uni4U Sign-up Sheet.

The programme enrolment is limited, so please sign up soon.  The first available session is Monday, 31 July.

Uni 4 Your Life
A workshop to explore purpose at university
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What will I get out of participating?

You will acquire some key ideas to use in figuring out where you wish to go and how you will lead your own life. Together, we will try to make university about more than getting the right marks and hearing curious facts. We will see how university fits into life for you personally.

Who can participate?

Any current Otago undergraduate is welcome. Students who are still settling into their university career, 1st or 2nd year, will likely gain the most, but any undergraduate is welcome.

What will we do?

Uni4U is a single 3-hour workshop. It’s a mix of ideas from research, activities for you to reflect and plan, and discussion time for you to share what you’re dealing with. The key is to blend thinking about the biggest questions with taking small practical steps that ground the concepts in your own life. You should leave with some concrete ideas of who you are and what you want to do next.
Some groups may wish to get together several weeks after the session for a follow-up.

When do we meet?

There are currently 6 open sessions for 20 participants each. They occur on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. But fill out the registration form even if you can’t make these times.

So, do we get points for this?

No, it’s not a paper. It’s just a workshop run by an academic staff member who hopes it will help.

Any other requirements?

We want to make sure Uni4U actually does something. Therefore, the programme will be evaluated as we go. For you, this means there might be some surveys and questionnaires designed for us to understand what you are getting from this.

What if I have questions?

Please contact the programme organiser through email at We will continue building the FAQ as questions come in.