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Applications for government student loans and allowances are made through StudyLink (domestic students only). There are eligibility criteria for both loans and allowances and how much you receive will depend on your circumstances.

Student loan

A student loan may cover:

  • tuition fees
  • course-related costs
  • living costs

There are performance criteria that you will need to meet to continue receiving your student loan. You will need to pass at least half the workload of your previous study to be eligible to continue receiving your loan.

You will also have to pay back your student loan, so it is best to only borrow what you really need.

Student allowance

A student allowance is available to go towards your weekly expenses. This does not need to be paid back.

It is important to note that you will not be paid your student allowance for any break from study that is over three weeks.

Limited full-time study

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to have your study approved as limited full-time study. See the StudyLink website for more details.

Other support

StudyLink also offers other support based on meeting certain criteria. These include:

  • Jobseeker support
  • Accommodation benefit
  • Disability allowance
  • Special needs grants
  • Childcare subsidy

It is worth taking the time to read through the StudyLink website thoughly so you are aware of what is available as well as what your liabilities are.

Did you know…

That you may be able to get other help through StudyLink?

See the StudyLink website for details.

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