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Blackboard is an online academic space you use while studying at Otago

Papers you take in each semester will have their own section in your Blackboard. The system contains many features and tools although not all will be used in every paper. University lecturers use it to provide information that is specific to your papers. It's important to know that not every lecturer uses Blackboard. Lecturers can also customise their Blackboard pages. There may be little consistency across papers, functionality should be similar.

Blackboard can include:

  • Course information: an overview of the course, dates and contact details
  • Course resources: such as lecture notes, readings, links to other resources
  • Assignments: often your assignments will be submitted by uploading them to Blackboard
  • Tests: some papers will have their tests conducted in Blackboard

UNIO 101: Getting started at Otago

All new students have access to UNIO 101: Getting started at Otago. This is a Blackboard paper about your first year at Otago. It also has information about how to use Blackboard. You can get a head start on your first year by accessing UNIO 101 and Blackboard in mid-January before the academic year starts.

Use your student ID and password to log in to Blackboard.

Sign in to Blackboard

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