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Residents' experiences


“Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m from Christchurch and Riccarton High School. I am studying for a BSc in ecology and zoology. I really like the inter-disciplinary nature of these subjects. I have made great friends here at CFC. The college has a great vibe. There’s no pressure to be what you’re not, you can just be a happy student here. I really like the apartment-style of living, it gives you an instant friend-group straight away. I absolutely love the CFC events and dress-up parties.”


“I’m Bo from Rotorua. I’m studying towards a BA in psychology and gender studies. I love the CFC community. It feels like a big family and a home away from home. I have met incredible people and have the chance to express my creativity through things like the 48-hour film-making competition. I highly recommend this college as a fun place with incredible diversity and great support.”


“I’m Dima and I am originally from Iraq but I studied for three years at Birkenhead College in Auckland. This year I am doing Health Sciences First Year (HSFY). I am hoping to get accepted into dentistry for next year. CFC is an amazing place. I have made amazing friends here with other residents and it has been really easy to meet new people. The college is very diverse and that means everyone gets to enjoy a huge range of events and activities.”


“I’m Josh from Timaru and Timaru Boys’ High School. I am studying towards a Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASC) in english and neuroscience. Neuroscience is challenging but good and english has been an eye-opening experience as it focuses on life, people and culture through literature. I have made great friends at CFC. The college has everything you could want and there are so many events and activities that there is something for everyone. We can all find other people who share our interests within this community.”


“I’m Logan and I am from Mosgiel just south of Dunedin. I went to Taieri College. Even though I’m a “local” it was great living in a residential college. I am studying a BCom and majoring in finance and economics. I love debating and politics. I have really enjoyed being the Student Exec President this year at the College. We have helped out with events like the Ball, theme parties and college events. There is no stereotype of person at CFC because we are so diverse.”


“I’m Marcus. I am originally from Hong Kong but I spent three years at James Hargest College in Invercargill. I am studying towards a BSc in psychology with a minor in management. I have made heaps of friends at the College and I love the parties, events and sport competitions. The apartments are great. It is like living with a small family within the big family of the College. CFC is really close and a great community.”


“I’m Siosi’ana from Burnside High School in Christchurch. I’m studying towards a BSc in sport and exercise and hope to get entry into post-graduate physiotherapy. I like how CFC is really diverse. The flats are great. The staff are always approachable. We are like a small community and a big family. Even at the year’s end I am still making friends with people. The grounds and courtyards are great and I have really loved the CFC events, sports and competitions.”


“Hi, Sophie here from Kapiti College just north of Wellington. I am studying towards a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASC) in ecology and anthropology. I would love to work for DOC when I finish my time at Otago. I love Caroline Freeman College. I have met amazing people. The staff are very caring and supportive. We have a great social life and the college has a great spirit and community. This is a very creative place with our competitions, parties, dress-ups. I have really enjoyed the music/art room and the great jam sessions with other musical people.”


“I’m Taiaroa. I am originally from Hawaii but I went to high school in Colorado. I like to skateboard, surf, snowboard and I like music. I am studying towards a BA in philosophy. It took me a while to decide what to study but I really love what I am doing. CFC really feels like home and I love the apartment-style of living. The college is the perfect size for a student community and has a very home-like feel.”