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Time and location


Wednesdays 1pm


Semester Two: Richardson 5N4 unless otherwise indicated

Semester One

Research seminars did not proceed this semester due to COVID-19

Semester Two

Date Speaker Title

15 July 2020

Dr Francisco Barraza
School of Geography

Assessment of 15 years of government interventions to reduce air pollution in Santiago, Chile.

29 July 2020

Discussion forum

COVID-19 related research- considerations from climate, economic, social, planning and ethics perspectives.
7 August 2020
Post Graduate Symposium, a sharing and display of works by our Postgraduates.
12 August 2020

Bruno Marques
PhD student

Therapeutic landscapes and indigenous knowledge, Case study from the Wairarapa.
2 September 2020

Geethika Waniganeththi Vidanaralalage
PhD student

Pavill Ruangichatron
PhD student

Empowering women through entrepreneurship: A case of war-affected women's entrepreneurship in Northern Sri Lanka.

Analysis of the role of bees in promoting future sustainability and food security in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on Thailand and New Zealand.

9 September 2020

Kim Andreas Kessler

Sargam Goundar
PhD student

Community-Based Development in Times of a Changing Climate: Insights from Fiji.

Local Perceptions of Effects of Climate Induced Migration on the Socio-Economic Development of a Receiving Country: A Case Study of Fiji.

16 September 2020

Dr Ashraful Alam
School of Geography

Performing the studentified city: experiences of International Postgraduate Research Students.
30 September 2020

Jovan Mokaraka Harris
PhD student

Sprouts of knowledge: Weaving New Knowledge with the Resonance of Ancient Rhythms.
14 October 2020
Dr Christina Ergler
School of Geography
Pre-schoolers and their cities.
28 October 2020
Professor Tony Binns
School of Geography
A career reflective.

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