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  • 2016-2021 Canadian Social Science & Humanities Research Council Grant 'Indigenous Peoples, Municipalities and the Emergence of New Urban Planning Contact Zones: The Examples of Manitoba, Canada & Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand' (with Janice Barry and Hirini Matunga)
  • 2014 University of Otago Research Grant 'Shaping Ice: Place attachment, scientists' reflections and environmental stewardship at the Poles' (with Sean Fitzsimons, Sarah Turner, Wayne Pollard)
  • 2014 Te Poutama Māori Collaborative Research Flagship Grant 'Māori and Mining: Collaborating Comparatively' (with Katharina Ruckstuhl, Lyn Carter, Diane Ruwhiu, Jacinta Ruru, Andrew Gorman, Janet Stephenson)
  • 2014 Equity Funding Grant: "Research into enhanced integration of Te Ao Mārama, Māturanga Māori and Tikanga in undergraduate experience in the Sciences"
  • 2011-12 Manu Ao/Te Poutama Māori Grants 'Māori and Extractive Activities' (with Katharina Ruckstuhl, Jacinta Ruru, Diane Ruwhiu, Lyn Carter, Hauauru Rae)
  • 2011 Division of Humanities (Geography) Research Grant, 'Place Attachment in Antarctica' (with Sean Fitzsimons)
  • 2009-11 University of Otago Special Strategic Grant 'Iwi Management Plan Efficacy' (with Jacinta Ruru and Gail Tipa)
  • 2009 Division of Humanities Research Grant 'Indigenous engagement in the planning system' (with Jacinta Ruru)
  • 2003-2009 Foundation for Research, Science and Technology contract on CANZ (Competitive Advantage NZ) project: 'Regional bases of international competitiveness' (with Colin Campbell-Hunt)
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