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Human - 226x170Through our research, human geographers at Otago seek to understand better, and explore responses to, the impacts of global change and neoliberalisation on people and communities, using the ideas of power relations and contestation to explore themes such as environmental politics, sustainable communities, and local governance and democracies. We conduct research throughout New Zealand, including collaborative work with tangata whenua, but also overseas, especially Southern and West Africa, the UK, South and East Asia, the Pacific region, and Australia. Current research by staff and students includes critical assessment of community-based development, health issues, poverty, food systems, children's geographies, processes of urban and rural change, and contemporary issues in economic and cultural geography.


Professor Tony Binns
Dr Sophie Bond - Geographies of contestation, democracy and activism
Dr Sean Connelly - sustainable communities, alternative food systems
Associate Professor Christina Ergler - Inequality and well-being
Associate Professor Doug Hill
Professor Etienne Nel - Regional and local Economic Development
Associate Professor Michelle Thompson-Fawcett - Planning processes at the local scale

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