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The Master of Science (MSc) gives you the opportunity to focus your efforts within a specialised field of geography.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Geography or the Master's of Science (MSc) in Environmental Management is aimed at students who wish to carry out a full piece of Master's research on a topic relevant to the major. The degree can be either two year (400-level papers plus thesis) or, if students already have the appropriate 400-level papers through the one-year thesis only.

Students who have a Bachelor's degree will complete the MSc by papers and thesis (at least two years of full-time study). Students who have an Honours degree or postgraduate diploma can complete the degree by thesis only (minimum of one year of study).

If you plan on undertaking a Master of Science, you will also need to choose a research supervisor. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all administrative requirements are met. Supervisors will also assess your suitability as a master's candidate based on your academic performance (often requiring supporting evidence), the fit between your research interests and theirs, and their availability and funding.

Find out more about how to choose a research supervisor

Programme Requirements

Programme requirements for the MSc in Geography and MSc in Environmental Management

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