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Geophysical facilities at the Department of Geology

Geophysics Lab in the Department of Geology

Seismic data analysis facilities in the Geophysics Lab are comprised of

  • a Linux-based networked PC environment with a number of commercial software packages operating with academic licences. These include:

Land-based geophysical equipment includes:

  • 2x 24-channel Geometrics Geode seismographs
  • 2x 24-channel Seistronix RAS-24 seismographs
  • Various land seismic sources (including a trailer-mounted weight drop source and a buffalo gun)
  • Various geophone configurations enabling 96-channel 2D or 24-channel 3D acquisition
  • Worden and Lacoste & Romberg gravimeters
  • A GEM GSM-19 High Precision Overhauser Magnetometer with build in GNSS positioning
  • A Geometrics G-856AX proton precession magnetometer

Marine geophysical equipment includes:

  • A 24-channel Geometrics MicroEel receiver system used with a Ferranti boomer source
  • Teledyne Benthos CHIRP sub-bottom profiler
  • R2Sonic Multibeam