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Alpine Fault traces on Otago Geology Koordinate site

The Department now has a site for downloading data with a spatial component in a variety of formats.

Alpine Fault traces (updated 10-2013)

GIS data

Download the GIS data which includes Alpine Fault traces and cataclasite zones in shapefile format and an Alpine fault traces layer file (.lyr) for use with ArcGIS.

Vector map

Download the map in pdf format. These 3 vector documents cover all the traces at 1:50k. Use cropping/clipping mask to show the area you want (for best results -drag pdf file in as a linked file). Download legend separately. North is up, scale can be calculated using metre grid, coordinate system used is New Zealand Transverse Mercator Projection. Refer to legacy maps or vector data for contributors to map areas.

Alpine Fault traces legacy maps

Download legacy maps covering the Alpine Fault. Some maps are out of date.

3D Alpine Fault zone stucture around the Waitangi-taona and Whataroa Rivers

Download data, maps and posters that were prepared for the conference poster "Three-dimensional structure of the Alpine Fault zone in the region around the Waitangi-taona and Whataroa Rivers" presented at the Geosciences 2012 conference by R. J. Norris, A. F. Cooper, V. Toy, S. Read and L. Easterbrook.

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