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Medicines and the pharmacist

Pharmacists are qualified to dispense prescription medications and give advice on over-the-counter medicines. They're also involved in almost every stage of the development and supply of medicines. Pharmacists are employed in industry as research scientists; others are involved in the quality control of drugs or drug information.

Pharmacists are also pivotal in running clinical trials of potential drugs to evaluate their effectiveness and whether they are suitable to be used in the treatment of human or animal conditions.

Hospital and community pharmacists advise other health professionals and patients on the best use of drugs, as well as being involved in the dispensing and sometimes manufacture of medicines.

This project includes an introduction to the role of the pharmacist and will cover as many aspects of pharmacy as possible: dispensing, formulation, quality control of medicines, and the pharmacist patient-care process. You will have the opportunity to manufacture various creams and medicines, and then analyse the quality of the medicines you make.

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