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Seminar Series 2022

The Future of Responsible Academic Air Travel 27 October 2022

Professor James Higham and PhD candidate Sherry H.Y. Tseng, Department of Tourism, University of Otago

Upcycling food: a consumer product-based solution to the war on waste 27 July 2022

Associate Professor Miranda Mirosa, Department of Food Science, University of Otago

Can lessons from the public health response to tobacco help achieve climate action? 29 April 2022

Alex Macmillan, Co-director, Climate Health Aotearoa

Cities and Climate Action, 4 March 2022

Alec Tang, Director of Sustainability, Kainga Ora


Entrepreneurs as actors for change: The role of business in socio-technical transitions for climate change 20 May 2021

Associate Professor Sara Walton, Department of Management and Co-director of He Kaupapa Hononga

2020 Conversations on Climate Change

Women's contribution to climate change adaptation in Bangladesh 29 May 2020

Momtaj Bintay Khalil, PhD candidate, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, and a faculty member in the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh.

Are investors taking charge of climate policy? Climate finance research at the University of Otago and beyond 29 April 2020

Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey,Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy and Finance; Director of the Climate and Energy Finance Group.

2019 Seminar series

The end of all? 19 March 2019

Dr Bob Lloyd, Climate change consultant and former Head of Energy Studies, Department of Physics.

How should the risks of sea-level rise be shared? 29 April 2019

Dr Lisa EllisProfessor of Philosophy and Politics; Director of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Programme.

Indigenous knowledge and climate change 29 May 2019

Dr Lyn Carter (Kai Tahu, Kati Mamoe, Waitaha, Te Rapuwai),Senior Lecturer in Te Tumu, School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies.

Sea ice and climate change 4 September 2019

Dr Inga Smith,Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics.

One billion trees for carbon sequestration 24 September 2019

Dr Janice LordAssociate Professor, Department of Botany.

Decarbonising tourism 21 October 2019

Dr James Higham,Professor, Department of Tourism.

2014 Seminar series

Design with nature - An adaptation model for coastal settlement, 12 February

Dr Phillip RoösGlobal practice leader for sustainable design, Sinclair, Knight and Mertz, Wellington.

The latest IPCC report: a climate scientist's summary, 20 February

Dr Cecilia BitzProfessor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington.

Radical is the new norm, 1 April

Rod Oram,Business journalist.

Energy beyond hunting and gathering, 12 April

Dr Gerry Carrington,Professor, Department of Physics.

TOPIC? 12 May (topic appeared to be James' topic)

Dr Colin Campbell-Hunt,Professor and Head of Department of Accounting and Finance.

Up in the Air: Towards a conceptual critique of flying addiction, 13 June

Dr James Highman,Professor, Department of Tourism.

The latest climate change assessments: what do they mean for our communities? 16 June

Dr Andy Reisinger(Coordinating lead author for the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC), and Judy Lawrence Research Associate at the Climate Change Research Institute.

Integrated decision-making about climate change and public health, 3 July

Dr Alex MacmillanSenior Lecturer, Environmental Health.

The Politics of Climate Change. An Election Debate, 28 July

Hon. Dr David ClarkLabour Party and Hon. Metiria Turei Green Party.

Jobs After Coal, 29 July

Jeannette Fitzsimons.

Mythbusters – Energy, 18 August

Dr Bob Lloyd,Associate Professor, Department of Physics Tom Bishop, Sustainable Habitat Challenge and Chris Freear Ethical Power Consulting.

Art & Climate Change, 4 September

Bridie Lonie,BFA, MA Art History and Theory.

2013 Seminar series

The pathology of a species, 28 March

Dr Bob Lloyd

Conceptualising change in climate and social systems, 11 April

Dr Colin Campbell-Hunt

Questioning climate change: denial and identity among New Zealand pastoral farmers, 9 May

Dr Chris Rosin

Climate change, aeromobility and...addiction? Behavioural (non-) responses to the flyers' dilemma, 24 July

Dr James Higham

A hierarchy of ethical consumption: A method to understand consumers' behaviour related to climate change, 7 August

Dr Ben Wooliscroft

Why should we think about climate change in Dunedin? 21 August

Dr Sara Walton

Fiduciary duty, institutional investment and carbon markets, 11 September

Dr Ivan Diaz Rainey

Lessons we can learn from lizards (and their relatives): a light-hearted but not entirely frivolous talk about climate change and biodiversity, 25 September

Dr Alison Cree

He Kaupapa Hononga symposia

2021 He Kaupapa Hononga Symposium

This symposium was held at the Hutton Theatre and via Zoom on Tuesday 16 November 2021.

2021 He Kaupapa Hononga Symposium programme (PDF)

Recordings of the following presentations are available to view:

2020 He Kaupapa Hononga Symposium

This symposium was held in Dunedin, Wellington and via Zoom on Wednesday 25 November 2020.

2020 He Kaupapa Hononga Symposium programme (PDF)

Recordings of the following presentations are available to view:

13th OERC and OCCNet Energy and Climate Change Symposium 2019

In November 2019 OCCNet partnered with the Otago Energy Research Centre (OERC) to bring together a symposium focused on “Energy Transitions at the Edge”. Further information, including the symposium programme, conference presentations and graphic interpretations of the talks:
2019 Symposium, Otago Energy Research Centre website

Climate Change and Polar Research: OCCNet and PERT joint symposium 2019

On 15 October 2019 OCCNet worked with the Polar Environments Research Theme to bring together a joint symposium on climate change and polar research. Sessions were open to researchers from both networks and covered topics such as sea ice and ecosystems, ocean and atmosphere, climate change in the Pacific, and biology, climatology and climate finance.

Our keynote speaker was Dr Richard Levy, the Climate and Environment Theme Leader at GNS Science, who spoke about Antarctic Ice Dynamics Project (within Programme 1: The Antarctic ice-ocean-atmosphere system in a warming world, Antarctic Science Platform), and the New Zealand Sea Rise Programme.

We were also honoured to host a Pacific Youth Panel, who discussed their motivations and experiences of climate impacts and responses in their communities. The facilitator of the panel was Cam Young (Cook Islands, Hastings), and panel members were Renee Topeto (Sāmoa, Porirua), Adam Currie (New Zealand, Nelson) and Faithing Notoa (Sāmoa, Flaxmere)

12th OERC and OCCNet Energy and Climate Change Symposium 2018

In November 2018 OCCNet collaborated with the Otago Energy Research Centre to hold the 12th OERC Energy and Climate Change Symposium. Within the context of accelerated climate change and the Zero Carbon Act in New Zealand, our focus was in all areas of Energy and Climate Change (Mitigation and Adaptation). Explore the Symposium Booklet and the keynote and session talks that were presented:
2018 Symposium, Otago Energy Research Centre website

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