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Grief is a normal part of life. We learn what's important to us and what's not.

We can feel grief if we lose good things such as:

  • people – through death or a relationship break-up or because a relationship changes
  • health – through illness or accident
  • things we own – by accident or theft
  • places – through moving schools, house or city
  • our place in the world – through losing a place on a team or a job, or because we have changed ourselves
  • pets.

The Ministry of Health has put together an information sheet with some normal reactions to grief and loss and some strategies on how to cope.

Download the Grief and Loss information sheet
Visit the Ministry of Health website

Chaplains at the University of Otago

The University of Otago Chaplains has produced a book on dealing with grief.

Download Our Grief Book written the University of Otago Chaplains

Visit the University of Otago Chaplains website

Key contacts

Occupational Health Nurses
+64 3 479 5034

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