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University of Otago has a commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all workers, students, contractors and visitors.

This commitment is enabled through the University's Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

The OHSMS refers to the structures, planning, procedures, activities and resources the University applies to the improvement and maintenance of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) performance and standards across the University. The University of Otago website and this OHSMS online manual are part of this system.

This guide provides a reference guide and outline to the OHSMS within the University of Otago and applies to all campuses and University of Otago controlled entities. It also documents the overview of the University of Otago's specific OHSMS.

This guide applies a systematic approach to comply with the absolute duties and obligations found under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and amendments, other relevant Legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice. The objective of the system is to create a positive culture within the University in relation to health and safety issues, promoting them as standard components of the University's management systems.

The adoption and implementation of a range of effective OHS management actions in a systematic manner can contribute to optimal outcomes for an organisation.

This University's OHSMS is in accordance with AS/NZS 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management systems

AS/NZS45001:2018 is a specification standard that establishes a framework primarily for enabling independent external audits and reviews of an organization's OHSMS, but it can also be used as a framework for internal audits.

OHSMS structure

Commitment/policy: The Vice Chancellor authorises the health and safety policy as a demonstration of commitment to health and safety standards at the University of Otago. The responsibility for health and safety is delegated to a Senior Manager (Director, HR) with reporting procedures through the committee structure to Council.

The OHSMS consists of the following documents:

  1. OHSMS Scope Document
  2. Legislation List 2023
  3. OHSMS Context 2023
  4. OHSMS Roles and Responsibilities
  5. OHSMS Risk Assessment Procedure
  6. OHS Policy Development
  7. OHS Induction and Training Guideline
  8. Worker Participation Framework Update
  9. OHS Objective Setting
  10. Event Reporting and Investigation
  11. Management of Corrective Actions
  12. OHSMS Issues Resolution Flowchart
  13. Audit Procedures
  14. OHS Management Review Procedure

Link to University of Otago Health and Safety policies

Additional supporting information can be found on this site under critical risks.

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