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Emeritus Cure Kids Professor of Paediatric Research
Department of Paediatrics (Christchurch)
Research summary
Paediatrics, especially neonates


Brian Darlow trained in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, with a spell in Papua New Guinea. He returned to the department as Senior Lecturer in 1982 and was appointed to the Chair of Paediatrics in 2001. He is a clinical neonatologist and his research interests include free radical disease in the newborn and the epidemiology and outcome of complications of prematurity. He is also consultant in charge of the paediatric diabetic clinic. Brian is the Cure Kids Professor of Paediatric Research.


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Darlow, B. A. (2023). Primary prevention of ROP: More can be done in all settings. Expert Review of Ophthalmology. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/17469899.2023.2245143 Journal - Research Other

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