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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


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Health Sciences, Sciences
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Master's, PhD
Professor Colin Brown, Dr Martin Fronius


Hypertension increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. We have shown that increased secretion of the pituitary hormone, vasopressin, exacerbates the development of hypertension. Vasopressin is secreted by hypothalamic vasopressin neurons and the excitability of vasopressin neurons is increased by the ion channels, TRPV and ENaC. However, it is unknown whether these channels contribute the increased activity of vasopressin neurons in hypertension, and thus to the development of hypertension.

Hence, this project will use electrophysiology to determine whether the increased vasopressin neuron activity in hypertension is driven by increased expression/function of TRPV and/or ENaC in vasopressin neurons using a preclinical animal model. The results will potentially identify new therapeutic targets to improve the management of hypertension.


Colin Brown

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