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Guidelines for Admission to Health Sciences professional programmes 


Do you dream of being a dentist, dental technician, dental therapist, oral hygienist, medical laboratory scientist, doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist or a radiation therapist? If so, then one of our Health Sciences professional programmes might be right for you.

The Health Sciences professional programmes are:

Please consult the pages above for Guidelines for Admission and information about supporting documentation required for each professional programme, in order to ensure that you submit the correct documentation with your application.

Please contact the Health Sciences Admissions Office for further guidance on applying for admission into one of the Health Sciences professional programmes.

Changes affecting admissions to Health Sciences Professional Programmes

Admission changes

It is important to be aware of any admission changes prior to submitting an application. Highlighted below are some changes that may affect your application to the Health Sciences Professional Programmes. These changes should also be read in conjunction with the Guidelines for Admission.

The Health Sciences Admissions Office is available to assist with any queries relating to these changes.

Changes to scoring for 'Two or More Years' and 'Graduate' categories

From 2019, there will be changes to admissions scoring for entry to some of the Health Sciences professional programmes.
Only the following categories are affected.

  • Two or More Years of Study - Changes that will be introduced in 2019 (for entry from 2020 onwards)
  • Graduate category - Changes that will be introduced in 2020 (for entry from 2021 onwards)

Changes to scoring for admission categories provides more information.

Changes to UMAT

From 2019 onwards UMAT will no longer be used for admission to Medicine and Dentistry. This test will be replaced by University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) for applicants applying for entry into Medicine and/or Dentistry for 2020. provides more information

Mirror on Society Selection Policy

The Mirror on Society Selection Policy (MoS) is designed to ensure that the Division of Health Sciences promotes and facilitates academic equity for Māori students, and for students from other under-represented MoS category groups, who have the potential to succeed academically, and who have applied via the application process.
Two new subcategories will be added for entry into the Health Sciences Professional Programmes for 2020:

  • Socioeconomic
  • Refugee

Mirror on Society Selection Policy page will provide further information.