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HEDC offers a range of support for supervisors. These include workshops on various aspects of supervision and one to one consultations.

If you have any particular concerns with supervision, you are welcome to contact:

Associate Professor Vijay Mallan


The purpose of the workshops is to support University of Otago doctoral supervisors. Research unequivocally shows that good supervisory practices are a major factor in determining both the success and quality of the doctoral research experience.

Each workshop aims to provide guidance on enhancing supervisor practices in key aspects and processes of the supervision journey.

Please download the supervision workshop programme for 2023:

The Otago Doctoral Supervision Programme (PDF)

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External international recognition of doctoral supervision

The University of Otago Graduate Research Committee now endorses doctoral supervisors becoming UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) Recognised Research Supervisors.

Developed by higher education academics for higher education academics, participation in the Research Supervision Recognition Programme (RSRP) promotes personal professional development of research supervisors and supports them in gaining international recognition for their supervision practices.

This research-informed framework elucidates “the wide-ranging, highly complex and demanding set of roles that modern research supervisors must undertake to perform the role effectively” (UKCGE).


Information for applicants

Applying for recognition

Good Supervisory Practices Framework (PDF)

Bibliography (DOCX)

Register here for International Recognition Workshops conducted by HEDC

If you would like HEDC to review your application, please fill out the online form:

Supervision Recognition Feedback from HEDC

Learn more about the Research Supervision Recognition Programme at the UK Council for Graduate Education website:

Research Supervision Recognition Programme


Associate Professor Vijay Mallan
Tel +64 3 479 8489

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