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Russell Butson


MA, BA, PGDipArts, DipTchg

Research Title

Changing digital technologies and the impact on everyday experiences of academics: a case study at a research-intensive university.

PhD Start

2012 (part-time)

Research Summary

The digital age is producing unprecedented change across virtually every aspect of the university. For academics, this means cultivating new ways of working that are applicable to the digital age that has become synonymous with the 21st century. This study aims to identify the impact that these digital technologies are having on the daily office practices of academics. Using cameras and computer usage software, the office activities of five academics were monitored over a six-month period to investigate the impact digital technologies are having on the way they work and the way they coerce these technologies to work for them.

Research Interests

• Academic Life
• The Digital academic/postgraduates/undergraduates
• Measuring learning behaviours (adaptive / maladaptive)
• Role of wearable devices in educational research.
• Activity theory


Professor Rachel Spronken-Smith
Professor Ben Daniel

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